The Traffic Officer Pocket Computer (TOPC) by NPS.
Proudly developed in South Africa for our law enforcement brethren.


NPS-TOPC will be able to scan the driver’s licence and vehicle licence. The scan will return all the necessary details needed to issue a fine or check the driver/vehicle by law enforcement officers. This will save time during the issuing process as the Officer will not have to enter all the details manually.
The officer will be informed by the handheld if a driver has an outstanding warrant that has not been served yet and will arrest the driver accordingly. The officer will also print any outstanding infringement notices and enforcement orders and issue it to the driver.
The use of TOPC’s will improve the monitoring of Traffic Officers and will determine and improve the impact of traffic officers on road traffic control.

Technology advances

  • Linked to the NP Tracker suspect and suspicious vehicle database
  • Fast and secure scanning of vehicle and driver information
  • Real-time notification to law enforcement or designated resources if a vehicle was flagged previously on NP Tracker.


  • Record keeping of all vehicles/drivers scanned per event
  • Road side vehicle verification
  • Road side driver verification
  • Vehicle check against law enforcement database
  • Check all infringement and warrents against driver.


You can download the NPS-TOPC app for free on android Google Play Store.

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